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Cover art for book Dounterfeit.

Cover shot of Counterfeit:  How do we know if it's God, or Religion?
Pastor Dave’s Latest Book

Pastor Dave has recently published his second book entitled “COUNTERFEIT” “How do We Know If It’s God…or Religion” and has made it available through as well as Amazon .

Dave published his first book entitled “Just Trust” which is also available on the web through LuLu and their distribution markets including Amazon.

Perhaps the Chapter Titles will Intrigue you or help you recall something

you heard in class or at Church…

Table of Contents

1          Crawling In Sick

2          The Journey Begins

3          The Unveiling Process

4          Changing Vines

5          The Umbrella

6          Advocate Or Adversary?

7          Who’s Your Manager

8          Faith And The Flippy Thing

9          Surrender Or Else ?!?

10        Maturity And Producing Fruit

11        Because You Believe

12        Walk On Water?  Me?!?

13        Whose Will Will It Be

14        Almost Truth

15        Spewing vs Doing

Please let your friends know and purchase this book to support Pastor Dave and his wife Paula in their mission to share the gospel to the world through simple, easy to read anecdotes he has shared not only in his church services, but also in the Jail Spiritual Dorm Ministry teachings.