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Through the past few weeks of study and teaching, I have been impressed through the spirit, that while it is good to have a foundation of faith, it is much more important that we BUILD on that foundation. While speaking on Matthew 18 part 1, I began to see a different message within the “As A Child” contemporary message.

Fist, Jesus draws the child to him after the disciples ask, :Who will be the greatest in the kingdom.” As they were young in their faith, they do as so many of us have; seeking a leadership position without having grown into the leader by faith. We try to use our worldly fleshly wisdom to make a place for ourselves within the church, but God says, “Come to me as a child.” In other words, be reborn, and start over. My late, great friend Denis Ohlrich, shared a scenario that went something like this, “Before you go out and ride the bicycle…UNLEARN it…then, start over!”

Imagine how difficult that would be. How does one unlearn something that has become common place to them? This is what Jesus was saying…stop doing it the way you have always done, by YOUR experience, but let me lead. Allow MY spirit to guide you, and come to me innocently and trusting like a child. You are not spiritually mature enough as a new believer.

Then it occurred to me that there are many, many believers who do have the foundation of faith, but even though they have been “doing all the right things” within the church, they have been doing it with their own strength, and have not necessarily been lead and guided by God in their doings. Over time they become steeped in their “self” righteousness and begin teaching their traditions as doctrine. They ultimately end up frustrated, and begin to judge others…because it is easier than looking into their own troubles and seeing the truth. The life of grace is about being lead and guided by the spirit of God within you, and laying down your own agenda.

Back to the foundation! It is a great thing to KNOW that God loves you…to have a foundation. But if one spends their life rejoicing and dancing around on their foundation, rather than building on it, then when the storms come, they are blown about with no strength in the structure to secure them. When the sun beats down on that happy dancer…their skin burns due to the exposure. The foundation is a starting point on which one is to build. Not because we HAVE to, but because God allows us and desires us to…build on the foundation. Receiving the milk, Gods love, nourishes us…but the point of nourishment is to create growth…growth into a mature believer. A mature believer is the one who is lead moment by moment by the inner voice of God, who will exemplify the love of Christ to others. One who has a firm structure of protection which has been built on the foundation of Christ, so that when the storms come, (And they will come), the protection of faith is already in place, so that one may weather the storm with peace and confidence.

May God encourage you to build on your foundation as you trust him as a child and become innocent enough again to seek His wisdom and guidance.

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